RELATED VOCABULARY: Talking about city people

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RELATED VOCABULARY: Talking about city people

Talking about city people is just one of our ‘related vocabulary’ pages (vocabulary that shares a common connection).
Talking about city peopleEssential vocabulary split into common topics and subsections. In this lesson, we are focusing on vocabulary used to describe cities, particularly the the people that live in cities.
See also: Vocabulary for a city environment and Vocabulary for a city infrastructure
Take a look at the list below. How many words do you know? If there are any words you are not familiar with, we strongly recommend that you look them up in a dictionary. Once you have looked through the list, try the vocabulary exercise that follows.

  • city-dwellers
  • inhabitants
  • citizens
  • residents
  • commuters
  • overcrowded
  • urban lifestyle
  • densely-populated
  • sparsely-populated
  • high-density housing
  • mayor
  • the civic authorities
  • city council
  • local community
  • neighbourhood
  • internal migrants

1) A word used to specifically describe people that live in cities.
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City dwellers (residents, inhabitants and citizens all refer to people, but not specifically people in a city)
2) People who travel to work in the morning, and home in the evening.
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3) People who move from the countryside to the city in the same country.
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Internal migrants
4) The leader of the city.
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5) The local government of a city, ‘the civic
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6) Areas where a high number of people all live in a small area of land.
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