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Speaking test 11

Answer the questions. Try to speak for the time shown in brackets for each section.

Part 1 (4 to 5 minutes)

“Do you drive a car? Why? / Why not?”

“Is public transport good in your country?”

“What other forms of transport do people use?”

“Do you often have visitors in your home? ”

“Do you prefer to meet people at home or in a public place?”

“Is it common for visitors to your home to bring a gift?”

“Let’s move on talk about sports now. Are there good sports facilities where you live? ”

“Do children do sport at school where you come from?”

“Which sport would you like to learn?”

Part 2 (1 minute preparation then talk for 2 minutes)

Describe something you did that was good for your health

You should say

  • What it was
  • Who you did it with
  • Whether you still do it

You should also say why it was good for you

Part 3 (4 to 5 minutes)

“Do you think the government has a responsibility for the health of its citizens?”

“Do you think people who suffer from illnesses based on their lifestyle should be entitled to free healthcare?”

“Should cosmetic surgery be offered for free?”

“Are there any ways you could suggest to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle?”

“Do you think there has been a change in the level of health now compared to 50 years ago?”

“What’s your opinion on extreme or dangerous sports?”


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Speaking test 11

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Speaking test 11