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Speaking test 15

Answer the questions. Try to speak for the time shown in brackets for each section.

Part 1 (4 to 5 minutes)

“Let’s talk about bags. Do you take a bag with you when you go out?”

“Do you use different bags for different occasions?”

“Have you ever lost a bag?”

“Let’s go on to talk about art now. How interested are you in art?”

“Do you enjoy visiting art galleries?”

“Can you draw or paint? Would you like to be able to?”

“Now lets talk about going for walks. Do you enjoy going for walks?”

“Is you home town a good place for walking?”

“Did you do much walking as a child?”

Part 2 (1 minute preparation then talk for 2 minutes)

Describe something electronic which you own or would like to own

You should say

  • what it is
  • what it is used for
  • why it is particularly useful

You should also explain what differences it makes / would make to your life

Part 3 (4 to 5 minutes)

“Is technology used much in the classroom in your country?”

“Can technology help teachers?”

“Will the use of technology in education change in the future?”

“What part does technology have in children’s free time?”

“What effect is technology having on traditional pastimes?”

“What are the benefits of technology as a way of relaxing?”


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