Subdomain partner guide

This page is for information about using your subdomain, managing students etc. If you find that any question is not answered here, then contact us at

1. How do I activate the subdomain partnership?

The fact that you can see this page means your partway there! You are currently logged in with a ‘Partner’ account, so if you haven’t done so already, click here to start your recurring payment for the subdomain.

2. How do I cancel the subdomain partnership?

First of all, we’ll be sorry to see you go, and keep in mind that we are limiting the number of subdomain partners to 30, so once you cancel your account we cannot guarantee that we can offer the slot back. If you still want to cancel your subdomain, simply visit your account subscriptions and click ‘Cancel’. Your subdomain will remain open until the end of the period already paid for, and will then be closed to all users.

3. How do I manually create a new user and enrol them in a course?

Simple – just click here to open the ‘Create a new user’ page. Fill in the details on that page and click ‘Create’. If you want to give a new user more time (or less time) than the default, click the ‘Advanced’ button and change the ‘Expires’ date. IMPORTANT: The user will be created immediately, but it can take up to 5 minutes for the system to enrol the user into all of the courses included in their enrolment plan.

4. One of my users has used all of the time I gave them. How do I extend their course if they are already a member

Click here to open the right page. You will need to know the specific username of the person whose course you are extending. Start typing their username (the first 3 letters is enough) and then select them from the list that will appear. Select the membership you want them to have in the second box. Change the ‘Status’ to ‘Complete’. Again, if you want to give them more of less free time than the default amount, you can modify the date accordingly.

5. How do I create an access code so the user can create their own account?

Click here to to go the access code (referred to in the system as a ‘coupon’) section, then click ‘Add new’ next to the word ‘Coupons’ at the top of the page. There are a few steps to creating a code:

  1. The system will automatically generate an access code when the page loads, but you can change this if required.
  2. Change the discount field to 100% to make registration free for your users.
  3. Change “Usage count’ to the number of time you want the coupon to be able to be used (generally you will only want a coupon used once, so you would enter ‘1’ here).
  4. (Optional) Add a start date and expiry date to the coupon.
  5. Select the course(s) you want the access code to be valid for (do NOT select ‘Subdomain partner!)
  6. (Optional) add a name or identifier in the ‘Description’ field.

6. Can I have courses of different lengths and include different courses in different memberships?

Absolutely! You can choose to have multiple length courses (30 days, 90 days etc) and you can choose if your users get the IELTS resources only, the English language resources only or a combination of both. Just let us know what courses you want created and we’ll do that for you!

7. Can I charge users for accessing the course / extending their accounts?

Yes – you can use PayPal, Stripe or to take payments from students. We’ll work with you to get these in place, so just send an email to to get started.

8. Do I get any commission for referring other subdomain partners?

Yes – we offer a 25% commission every month while the referred partner is still active.