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Talk about a teacher that inspired you

Talk about a teacher that inspired you

You should say:

  • who it was
  • when it was
  • what they taught you

You should also say why they inspired you


It might sound strange, but the teacher that really gave me something to aim for was my language school teacher. I’ve only been in New Zealand for four months, and when I first came I was very nervous about everything. He was my first teacher, and he made the whole environment welcoming just by doing simple little things. For example, there were 14 of us in his class and by the end of the first lesson he had remembered all of our names. I thought that was quite impressive considering there were students from lots of different nationalities, and that meant lots of different pronunciations of names!

He taught me general English at first, covering all the normal parts of learning a new language, and he had a great way of explaining difficult grammar points in a way that made it easy to remember, and he used a lot of very clear examples. When I went to the IELTS class he taught me writing skills, which I found very difficult at first. I improved quickly though, because he encouraged us to work hard. Actually, he was quite strict – he didn’t tolerate lazy students.

I’m not that interested in the subject of teaching and wouldn’t really consider becoming a teacher, but he’s certainly a good role model for anyone who is thinking of following it as a career. He was always well prepared and had a clear topic for every lesson, so we left the room feeling that we’d achieved something every day.

One of the most inspiring aspects of his teaching style would definitely be the way he made us appreciate that it was only by practising that you could hope to become more proficient. I suppose it was because of him that I was inspired to take this test, because I want to prove both to myself and to my teacher that I have been able to improve.

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Talk about a teacher that inspired you

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Talk about a teacher that inspired you