Using commas

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Video: using commas

Narration: When creating a complex sentence, you need to be careful with punctuation. We will use the example we have seen before. First you have the dependent clause which is not complete on its own. Then you have the independent clause, which is complete because it has a subject and a verb. Notice what happens … Read more

Summary of this lesson

In this lesson you should have learned… that there are different sentences types, from simple to complex that you should demonstrate a range of these structures in your IELTS writing how to use commas in complex sentences how to use linking words in compound and complex sentences how to use relative clauses Return to the … Read more

Essential vocabulary for this lesson

To complete this lesson, you will need to know the following vocabulary. When you are sure you know all the words, continue to the next page. LIFE EXPECTANCY DEMONSTRATE CONSTRUCT GRAMMATICAL RANGE LINKING WORD INCOMPLETE STARVATION DIVISION EMPHASISE INCONVENIENT RELATIVE CLAUSE

Aims for this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: about the three types of sentence constructions (simple, compound and complex) that a good result in your writing comes from demonstrating a range of these structures how to increase your score for punctuation by accurately using commas in complex sentences how to use linking words in … Read more