Video: Example of the checklist

Narration: Now let’s add the checklist to the information we have already noted. Here is the graph and the 5 point checklist. We have already noted that the graph is about relaxation or hobbies. On the vertical axis we have hours spent per week. On the horizontal axis, 5 different age groups are presented. We … Read more

The 5 point checklist

There are five things you need to be aware of when looking at bar charts that can be put together into a 5 point checklist:   The 5 point checklist What is the chart about? What is on the vertical axis? What is on the horizontal axis? Is a specific time given? Is there any … Read more

Identifying the axes

Now take a quick test to see if you can identify the correct answer in the exercise below.

Essential vocabulary for this lesson

To complete this lesson, you will need to know the following vocabulary. When you are sure you know all the words, continue to the next page. ESSENTIAL PARAGRAPH HORIZONTAL VERTICAL CONTINENTS SECTOR