Summary of this lesson

In this lesson, you should have learned… how to use a range of skills in a single Task 1 letter how to plan your response and extend your answer useful phrases for opening and closing your letter how to manage your time how to structure you letters based on model answers Now take the end … Read more

Aims of this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: how to consider the skills you need to answer specific questions how to plan your letter how to extend your answer how to stay on topic useful introductory phrases and endings for different letter types how to manage your time how to structure letters based on … Read more

Editing – spot the errors (answers)

Percentage of people aged 5 to 14 The errors are in red: The data shows the percentage of 5 to 14 year olds and the 1. procentage of those over 60 from 1985 to 2000 in a selection of countries. Australia had the lowest percentage of over 60s yet the highest of children between 5 … Read more

Editing – spot the errors

In the report below, the candidate has made 5 errors. See if you can identify them. There is ONE example of each of the following: incorrect use of data incorrect grammar inappropriate vocabulary inaccurate spelling inaccurate punctuation The answers are given on the next page. Percentage of people aged 5 to 14 The data shows … Read more

Video: Editing your essay

Narration: Unlike speed reading, in which you are reading to get a general idea of the information, when you are reading to edit your work you need to read closely and carefully. One way to make sure you are reading more carefully is to use a pen to keep you focused on your sentence. It … Read more

Video: Timing

Narration: Let’s look briefly at some approximate timings for Task 1. To complete the task, you are given 20 minutes and as you should already have seen in previous lessons, there are a number of stages you need to complete within this time. You need to understand the information, plan your answer, write the introduction, … Read more

Video: Ending your report

Narration: It is important that when the examiner reads the last section of your essay, it is clear that this is the point at which you intended to finish. However, this does not mean that you are required to write a significant amount of information or detail. For bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and … Read more

Body paragraphs

Now , let’s practise by completing the sentences with an appropriate word. Click the link below to begin.

Video: Building paragraphs

Narration: Here is the introduction and body paragraphs for the essay we have been looking at. Building your paragraphs is a matter of using your plan and extending it into full sentences. When you are writing your sentences, there are some useful guidelines to remember. These guidelines apply more to bar charts, line graphs, pie … Read more