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What are causative verbs in English?

So what are causative verbs in English and how are they used? Causative verbs, as the name suggests, are used when we want to talk about somebody causing something to take place but not actually performing the action. In sentences including causative verbs, the subject does not perform the action. Compare the causative to active … Read more

Does grammar matter?

It can be hard sometimes, when speaking, to remember all of the grammatical rules that guide us when we’re writing. When is it right to say “the dog and me” and when should it be “the dog and I”? Does it even matter? Andreea S. Calude dives into the age-old argument between linguistic prescriptivists and … Read more

Create a University Website

Course creation for a university website requires a strong LMS platform which can handle different types of content, manage a large number of students, support all the peripherals like quizzes, assignments, multiple question types, provide various hierarchical course structures, control end-user access, enable drip-feed content, and provide discussion forums for the students enrolled in the … Read more

Build a K-12 Website

The K-12 system covers all the subject for classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Creating courses for all the classes is next to impossible for a single person. For example, take the curriculum for a Fifth Grader. There have to be separate courses for the mandatory subjects like English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Geography, each … Read more

Create a Course Marketplace

A course marketplace is where multiple authors are allowed to create and sell their individual courses. The students can become a member of the website and then register for multiple courses, as per their areas of interest. In a course marketplace created using LearnDash, multiple instructors can be added using the ‘Instructor Role’ add-on. They … Read more

Installing the ‘Instructor Role’ plugin

Instructor Role is a plugin for LearnDash. To use this plugin, the WordPress and LearnDash installations need to be complete first. Once the LearnDash plugin is installed and activated, Instructor Role can be purchased and downloaded from the WisdmLabs website.         Upload the Instructor Role extension on the WordPress website. Enter the … Read more

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