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Types of learning

The following vocabulary is useful for understanding and discussing types of learning and how they are financed.

Types of learning

  • Distance learning – this is done away from the school, where the student studies by themselves and rarely attends classes in a school building (lessons are sent by post or online)
  • Online learning – this is generally 100% online, where you will not physically meet a teacher or attend classes in a school building
  • Intensive courses – fast paced courses which give a lot of information quickly and in a short time
  • Rote learning – a teaching style used in some countries / subjects where students simply repeat what they are told until they have memorised it.
  • Lecture – often for larger groups of people, the focus is on hearing the teacher speak and making notes
  • Tutorial – smaller groups of students, where students can ask questions (often following a lecture)

How education is financed

  • tuition fees – the money paid for education
  • a grant – money given by the government to support a student while studying
  • a student loan – money which a student can borrow to while they are studying, but which has to be repaid
  • a scholarship – money (often given by the institution themselves) to support a student while studying