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Unit 3 vocabulary list

Unit 3 vocabulary list.

  • Look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English.
  • Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence.
  • Make a handwritten note of any new words, ideally in a separate note pad that you carry with you. Whenever you have a few minutes – waiting for a bus, just before going to sleep, waiting for the kettle to boil – take out the list and look through, reminding yourself of the word and the meaning.
  • Improving your vocabulary for IELTS takes practice, so try to use the new word(s) in any suitable situation over the next few weeks – using the new word will help you remember it!
  • Write the new word a number of times – writing down vocabulary will help you remember it and will also help with spelling.


ability accept advantage
adventure afford afraid
although altogether among
amount anger annoy
appear army arrange
arrive article attempt
attend attention balance
beat beauty behind
believe beyond block
blood board borrow
break bright broad
capital century chief
circular climb collect
company compare condition
consider cooperate cottage
count damp darken
daylight deliver delivery
demand depth despite
direction director discover
distant document doubt
drama drown due
dull during edge
educate effect effort
elder electric electrician
employ employee engineer
enormous enough event
evil exact exchange
expert explosion export
express extend external
extreme fact factor
failure fashion fasten
favour favourite fence
fever field figure
file flag flame
fool foreign forest
form formula frame
freedom frequency frequent
furthermore future gentle
gentleman grain grammar
grammatical grand greet
grind guess guideline
handle handshake handwriting
hardly hatred headache
health heighten hesitate
honest hook horizon
horizontal hunt importance
important inch income
indoor industry ink
insect instead instrument
insurance insure intelligence
interest intermediate international
invent investigate invite
iron item jealous
joint journey kneel
knot knowledge label
labour lack language
law lawyer lean
leather lighten limit
link liquid load
loan lonely loosen
plus practical previous
result scene seldom
shore speech split
spread standard steam
sudden tender uniform
village voluntary vote
worship youth

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Unit 3 vocabulary list

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Unit 3 vocabulary list