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Here are some additional tips for this questions style.

Tip 1. You should follow the instructions for the number of words.

Tip 2. Wrong spelling will cost you a point.

Tip 3. Consider the grammar of the question you are completing.

Tip 4. Although you may have predicted a possible answer, remain open minded as you are listening. For example, in question 37 of the practice you have just completed, we anticipated an age, although the actual answer was more general.

Tip 5. The part of the sentence you are given on the question paper will probably not be exactly the same as you hear in the recording. It is commonly a paraphrase or rephrase of what you are given. However, the actual answer is exactly what you hear.

Tip 6. Always write the word or words exactly as you hear them on the recording. For example, don’t change words you hear into plural forms. The final tip for this question type is that you should always read the completed sentence again after you have added your answer.


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Video: Additional tips

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Video: Additional tips