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Video: Building paragraphs


Here is the introduction and body paragraphs for the essay we have been looking at. Building your paragraphs is a matter of using your plan and extending it into full sentences. When you are writing your sentences, there are some useful guidelines to remember. These guidelines apply more to bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and tables. Building paragraphs for diagrams and processes is discussed in the diagrams and processes lessons. The first point for these guidelines is to consider the tense you use when writing. If a time scale is given, you need to match your tenses accordingly. However, if no time scale is given, you can use either the present tense or the past tense. In this example we have used the present. Remember that as you are writing, you should keep referring to your plan, and at the same time be supporting your sentences with data, as you can see here. Another useful guideline is to count your words after each paragraph. This will give you an indication of whether you are on target for the word limit or if you need to extend or reduce your sentences. Remember that you can drop ideas from your plan, but do not stop making comparisons in order to shorten your essay. Also, as you are writing, you need to remember that you are being assessed on your ability to present accurate grammar and a range of sentence structures. Here are some good examples. In addition, remember that you need to demonstrate a range of vocabulary. This can be done by avoiding repetition as you can see here. The final point to bear in mind is that you should present your ideas in clear paragraphs. This is best achieved by leaving a space between each paragraph as seen here.