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Video: Common errors when writing a conclusion


There are a number of common errors in IELTS writing which you should take care to avoid. You should make sure not to simply repeat the same thing you have already written. Copied words do not show the examiner your ability – even if the words are your own. You should be aiming to paraphrase only the main point of what you have written. You should avoid writing just a single line such as This is the end of my essay. Another point to avoid is asking a question such as Does anybody really believe that the situation can be resolved by doing nothing? Asking such questions is not considered good academic style. Another common error is when candidates write sentences that are overly dramatic. For example, It is with great sadness that I see people suffer from poverty when this could be such a beautiful world. Remember that you are writing for a university lecturer, and although you may be presenting opinions, this should be done formally, not dramatically.