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Video: Comparisons


Making comparisons. In IELTS writing and speaking you need to show the examiner that you can express yourself using a variety of structures. In Part Three you could be asked a question like this, which would require you to make comparisons. In other parts of the IELTS speaking test you are often required to describe people, places or things. For example, in Part One, you may be asked a question such as this. In Part Two, you may have a topic card like this, asking you to describe a family member you admire. We describe things using adjectives. A good way of demonstrating your ability even further is to make comparisons using comparatives and superlatives. Consider the topic card from Part Two of the speaking test. This would be a good opportunity to make comparisons. For example: “He is the kindest person I know.” or “He is more successful than anyone else in my family.”. The language that we look at in this lesson could be useful in all parts of the speaking test depending on what types of questions you are given. Now we will look at a reference table of how to make comparisons using comparatives and superlatives.