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Video: Considering the task type


In this lesson we are going to look at the stages you should go through when writing a Task 1 letter. As we have looked at earlier in this course, there are a number of different types of skills you will commonly need to use in the exam. You may need to write a letter of complaint or apology. You may need to ask for and/or give information. You may need to make suggestions or recommendations. You may need to make requests or give thanks. You may need to talk about likes, dislikes, needs or wants.

Remember, of course, that you might need to demonstrate a range of these skills in one letter. The first thing you should do when you look at the question paper is decide exactly what you are being asked to write about and what skills you will need to use. In the next exercise, you will practice identifying which skills you would use for different Task 1 examples. Remember that the IELTS test uses a wide range of questions and you always need to read the question carefully before preparing an answer.