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Video: Ending the letter


Once you have completed the body of your letter and included all the points that you need to include, you need to show the examiner that the letter is coming to an end. Depending on its purpose, there are a number of ways to finish a letter. First we will look at letters of apology. A good tip for this kind of letter is to apologise early on in the letter, then end by apologising a second time but rephrasing the words you use. For example, for a formal letter, if you started like this, you could end like this. For a more informal apology, you could use the following. If you are writing a letter of complaint, it is as good idea to ask for a solution. Here is an example. It is common with many different types of letters to indicate that you expect to hear back from the person you have written to. For a more informal complaint, you could use the following. When making a request or asking for information, it is common to finish your letter by thanking the person you are writing to for the help you are expecting. Here is a more informal example. As well as the tips we have just seen, it is common for many different kinds of letters to either request a reply from the person you are writing to or to invite them to contact you if they need any further help or information. On the next page, you can find some more useful phrases for finishing a letter.