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For question 11, there are three key details you should have noted – 30%, the population and under 15. Remember that this could have been rephrased in the recording – the speaker actually said ‘More than a third of England’s population was under the age of 15 by 1895’. For question 12, the speaker actually said five hundred thousand, a rephrase of half a million. The answer required you to understand the relationship between two sentences. The speaker first referred to middle-class women having a rare opportunity to work, later referring to them again saying that in 1901, 500,000 ‘such women were involved in some sort of regular voluntary work.’. For question 13, you once again needed to put information from two sentences together to find the answer. The speaker first stated that ‘In 1830, children under 10 accounted for almost 50% of deaths in London’. The key information we needed was in the next sentence, when the speaker referred back to 1830, using the phrase ‘At that time’. You should also have noticed that before the age of 1 was actually presented as ‘before their first birthday’. Questions 14 and 15 were relatively simple because all the information was contained in one sentence. Question 16 required you to check carefully to confirm your answer, as two charities were mentioned – the Watercress and Flower Girls Mission and the London Shoe-Black Brigade. However, only the second choice mentioned encouraging children to go to school. Question 17 was relatively straightforward as the speaker said ‘One of the earliest disaster fund charities in the UK was established in response to the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.’.