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Video: Part Two timing


Timing of Part Two. As you should know, the speaking test is broken into three parts, each with a different time limit. In Part One you have 4 to 5 minutes, in Part Two you have 3 to 4 minutes. In Part Three, you will be speaking for 4 to 5 minutes. Now we will look at the timing of Part Two. In the first 15 seconds, the examiner will tell you what your topic is about. You will be given a pencil and paper to make notes. You will also be given a topic card. You will then be given one minute to make notes. The examiner will tell you when your preparation time has finished. You will then be asked to start speaking. For the next 2 minutes, you should talk about the topic you have been given. When you have completed the two minutes, the examiner will stop you, and you will be asked one or two basic questions to finish Part Two. The total time for this should be about 4 minutes.