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Video: Planning each paragraph


For the following example, we will use the graph from the previous exercise and divide it into these three paragraphs. Once you have decided how you will divide the graph, you need to consider what information you will put in each paragraph. To do this, you need to identify the information which is most striking. For paragraph 1, we are considering this section of the graph, so there are a number of possible points to make: the 0-18 age group have the second highest number of hours spent on hobby and relaxation, whereas the 19-38 age group actually has the lowest overall number of hours; Australasia has the fewest hours of the three continents in both age groups; North America has the highest in all groups but equals Europe from 19-38; North America had the sharpest decrease in number of hours between the age groups, decreasing by 13 hours compared to 10 hours for Europe and Australasia. Notice that while planning, you only need short notes on what you are going to write.