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Video: The ‘long turn’


Tips for Part Two. In Part Two of the speaking test, when you have made your notes and the examiner asks you to start, you are aiming to speak for 2 minutes on the topic you have been given. This is called the long turn. Here are some tips to help you complete this successfully. A very important point is that you should never tell the examiner you are ready to start speaking before your preparation time has finished. The examiner will tell you when to begin. Remember that the test takes a minimum of 11 minutes, and if you start speaking before you have to, this will mean you will spend more time answering questions in Part Three, and therefore more chances to make errors. You should also avoid ‘reading’ from your notes. Don’t rush through the notes you have made – extend each one before moving on to the next. It is important to show the examiner that you are confident and comfortable speaking English. Try and sit back and relax. Remember that the prompts on the topic card are to help you extend your answer – you DO NOT have to talk about everything on the card. The examiner will stop you when your 2 minutes are up. Part Two of the test will end when the examiner asks you one or two ‘closing’ questions. Remember, it is a good sign when the examiner interrupts you – this means you have completed the two-minute ‘long turn’.