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Video: The sections of the listening test


The sections of the listening test. Each of the four sections of the listening test are structured slightly differently. The topic for the first two sections of the test is social or semi formal. In sections 3 and 4, the topic is educational or academic. The number of speakers you will have to listen to in each section also varies. There are ten questions in each section that you will need to answer. In the first section only, an example will be played for you. This is the only time you will hear the recording twice. The example is normally quite short.

Throughout the test, you will be given time before the recordings to read the questions. However, it is recommended that you use as much time as possible reading the questions for the recording that comes next. Remember that you have time to check your answers at the end of the test when you transfer them to the answer paper. In the final section of the test, you are not given any time after the recording to check your answers. You will simply be told that the recordings have finished and your 10 minute transfer time will begin.

In the first three sections of the test, there will be a short break about halfway through the recording to give you time to read the next questions. However, in the final section, there is only a very short pause mid way through the test, so you will be required to answer all 10 questions in one go. Throughout the course, you will be practising the skills you need to complete the test.


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