What’s my CEFR level?

What’s my CEFR level?

The test below will tell you your current level of grammar based on the CEFR levels of A1 to C2, running from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficient). Before you start, please read these notes:

  • If you do not know the answer, don’t guess – this will not give you an accurate level.
  • The test increases in difficulty from the beginning to the end.

1. I ___ from New Zealand.

2. I ___ in the city.

3. John ___ from Canada.

4. I ___ a car.

5. ___ have much time left?

6. ___ live in Germany?

7. Last week I ___ my grandmother.

8. She ___ her homework yesterday, so she's doing it now.

9. ___ the Mona Lisa when she was in Paris?

10. What are the matching past tense forms of the following verbs?


11. Right now I ___ a grammar test.

12. For a change, she ___ with her parent for the weekend.

13. I ___ the newspaper if you want it.

14. She ___ to music - she's asleep.

15. ___ my time?

16. ___ right now? I can't hear her.

17. My grandfather is ___ than my father.

18. The keys are ___ the table.

19. I'll see you ___ 9am tomorrow.

20. What is the participle form (third form) of the following?

SWIM > SWAM > ____

21. I have ___ cat and 2 dogs.

22. My hair is wet because I ___  it.

23. We need to go shopping - there ___ milk left.

24. An elephant is ___ I have seen.

25. Oh no! Look at those clouds! I'm sure ___ rain.

26. I have to get this report finished ___ 5pm because my boss wants to take it home with him tonight.

27. Which one of the following nouns is commonly uncountable?

28. I usually get home from work around 5pm. If ___ the 6 0'clock news.

29. Change the following sentence to the passive form.

They make cars in that factory. > ___

30. Which one of these sentences is incorrect?

31. Change the following into reported speech:

'I want to go out for dinner this evening' said Mary.

32. A: 'I'm really tired!'

B: 'Why?'

A: 'I ___ all day - and I'm still not finished!'

33. He lives on ___ the same street as me.

34. The ___ is a doctor.

35. I couldn't drive home last night because I ___ my keys.

36. It's just past 7pm now and I have about 20 minutes more work to do, so I ___ by 7.30pm.

37. He walked ___ her all the way home so he could hear what she was saying.

38. I don't have a lot of money and my job doesn't pay well, but ___ a new sports car.

39. John ___ be away on holiday but I'm not sure.

40. It was ___ we opened all the windows.

41. Her eyes were tired because she ___ on the computer all day.

42. They ___ for nearly 5 hours when the party finishes!

43. Can you hand me ___? I just need to write down a phone number.

44. John inherited a lot of money, so he bought a ___.

45. If I ___ better results.

46. If I ___ better results.

47. (On a highway sign): Work ___ by the end of the month.Sorry for any delays!

48. I'm going to the mechanic to ___.

49. Turn the following into an indirect question.

'When does he arrive?' > ___

50. At 2pm this afternoon, I ___ a speech at the conference, so I won't be able to call you until after it's finished.

51. The teacher was really angry ___ us because we weren't listening.

52. ___, James was allowed to play with his friends.

53. That country is separated from ___.

54. What is the most 'natural' construction?

'___ I also have little time for classical music.'

55. Tom is not going to come to the party tonight because I forgot to invite him, but he ___.

56. Her doctor recommended that she ___ a holiday.

57. She can speak English very well, ___?

58. ___ you study, you can't expect to learn a foreign language.

59. Which of the following is a complete sentence?

60. You're never on time - I'm sick and tired ___ for you every day!



Depending on your score, take a look at the right CEFR level to start improving!

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