Writing a conclusion to a Task 2 essay

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In Task II, your concluding sentence should summarise your argument as presented in the essay, but ideally should also end with either a speculation or a recommendation.
A speculation is when you estimate what may happen in the future. For example:
Unless more job opportunities are provided, the rate of unemployment will continue to rise.
A recommendation is something you think should happen. For example:
It would perhaps be better to enforce an early retirement age so that younger people have more job opportunities.
Here are two possible endings to the Task II essay that follows:
Writing a conclusion to a Task 2 essayFor many people, the main purpose of education is to provide the necessary knowledge and training to obtain a job, yet there are also people who hold that any further education can be said to have potential in the job market. Agreeing with this latter view, this opinion will now be supported.
   Primarily, there is the difficulty in knowing exactly which course of study would have clear employment possibilities. For those students opting to study arts subjects such as English literature, there is no direct path; potential opportunities could include becoming a librarian, author or teacher, but none of these can be said to be direct. Yet there is undeniable value in studying these subjects, as they allow for a more open-minded view of the world, an attitude which would later be useful in a business setting.
   Another point to consider is the job market itself. With many industries in a constant state of evolution, studying for a particular path of employment may be redundant as the industry could well have changed direction by the time of graduation, as can be seen by looking at the information technology industry. Moreover, at the time of entering university, the majority of people do not have a clear career path laid out and thus study courses which appeal to them rather than offer a clear future.
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To sum up, if any course of education which has no clear path to employment is to be abandoned, it would first need to be decided which courses had a definite purpose. This would almost certainly lead to argument, and would undeniably have a detrimental effect on the culture of a country that opted to drop its arts related subjects.
To sum up, perhaps the best solution would be to adopt a more developed system of apprenticeship and work training, so that students can be moulded alongside changes in the industry, while those students with unfocussed or general employment plans can continue with the current system.

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