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Writing practice test 15 possible answer

Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have just enrolled in a 12 week English class, but have found that you have a family problem and you will have to return home. Write to the school. In your letter

  • Explain what has happened
  • Request a refund
  • Ask whether you will be able to return at a later date

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


Write at least 150 words.

Dear Sir,

My name is Henrik Christensen and I have recently enrolled in a 3 month English language course with your academy. A situation has arisen and I find that I have no option but to return home for the foreseeable future. A member of my family has become unwell and will require long term support.

I believe that the school has a 7 day refund policy for circumstances such as this, and as I only paid for my course three days ago, I would like to take advantage of this and request my fees be returned to my account.

Nonetheless, I am still determined to improve my English in the future, and I have been very impressive with your training facilities and teachers in the short time I have spent with you, so I would like to enquire as to whether it would be possible for me to return at some point in the future?

Thanks for your understanding,

H. Christensen

(162 words)

Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many countries, people do not recycle their rubbish as much as they could.
Why do you think this is? What can be done to change this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words.

With an increasing world population and subsequent environmental concerns, it is important to dispose of trash in an eco-friendly manner, yet there are a significant number of places around the world that fail to do so.

There are a number of reasons that mean that recycling is not done as effectively as it could, the primary problem being the attitude of the general public. Lethargy or lack of knowledge leads people to throw all of their rubbish into one place, meaning that material that could have been sorted and reused is buried in landfills. In the UK, for example, over 20 million tonnes of waste is buried whilst less than 1 per cent of that amount is actively recycled. There is also the matter of availability, as there are situations in which recycling facilities are either extremely limited or nonexistent.

In order to combat these issues, the first step would be educating the general public about the facts of waste disposal and recycling, perhaps even enforcing participation by levying a fine against those who do not separate their rubbish into different types. Hand in hand with this, making recycling centres more available would also help, or perhaps adopting a system used in some Asian countries where households are given a number of different containers into which to sort their rubbish for collection.

Overall, it seems that a change of attitude is needed as well as more resources to manage different recyclable materials. This can be achieved through a combination of education and penalties, as well as ensuring better access to facilities.

(261 words)

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Writing practice test 15 possible answer

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Writing practice test 15 possible answer