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Adverbs of place in English

On this page, we will look at adverbs of place. These adverbs tell us where the action takes place. Here are some examples:

  • The children are playing football outside.
  • John is sleeping upstairs.

These adverbs can also tell us the direction. Here are some examples:

  • They are driving south.
  • The strong wind is blowing me sideways!
  • He looked up at the sun.

Position of an adverb of place:

Position 1: After the main verb (subject + main verb + adverb of place)

  • John is sleeping upstairs.
  • They are driving south.

Position 2: After the object (subject +  main verb + object + adverb of place)

  • The children are playing football outside.
  • She is eating breakfast in bed.

Here’s a useful list:

  • above – The plane flew above the house.
  • anywhere – I can’t find my keys anywhere!
  • away – She walked away….
  • back – …and didn’t look back.
  • behind – He hid it behind his back.
  • below – He dived below 20 metres.
  • down – John’s crying because he fell down.
  • downstairs – She walked downstairs to make a cup of coffee.
  • far – She lives far from parents.
  • here – I am here!
  • in  – He put it in his pocket.
  • indoors – the dog is sleeping indoors.
  • near – He lives near the school.
  • north/south/east/west – We should drive west.
  • off – Take your hat off!
  • on – I am putting my coat on.
  • out – She’s going out tonight.
  • outside – The children are playing outside.
  • over – He pushed me over!
  • there – I want to take the bus there.
  • towards – She moved towards the window.
  • under – Hide under the table!
  • up – I can’t lift this bag up!
  • upstairs – I’m going upstairs to bed.
  • where – Where is David?

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Adverbs of place in English

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Adverbs of place in English