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An example of using formal linking words

Using linking words in a formal style is essential if you are looking to get a good result in the writing test. We will look more at linking words in the next unit, but take a look below to see how formal linking words (in bold) have been used.

It is the Government’s responsibility to oversee healthcare. Do you agree or disagree?

In my opinion healthcare should be centrally controlled by the Government and there are a number of reasons to qualify this point of view.

There are many clear reasons why the government should oversee healthcare. Primarily, a centrally controlled healthcare system would provide equally for the wealthy and those less advantaged, removing the inequalities that are common when richer people can afford private treatment. In addition, it allows for a uniform degree of service throughout all medical institutions, which would again remove some of the disparities between rich and poor. A clear example can be seen in the American health system, where those with money can be seen privately while poorer patients are added to long waiting lists.

Furthermore, a high proportion of a person’s income contributes to the government’s revenue in the form of tax. Since good health is one of the most important aspects of life, it is unquestionable that a tax-paying society deserves access to a quality, government-run medical system in which they can have confidence. For example, the health service in the U.K. was developed after the 2nd World War to provide free services for all.

While private healthcare providers make enormous contributions to the physical well-being of the population, they should operate only as a complement to a public system and ease the burden of that sector.

To conclude
, tax-payers are entitled to have quality government-controlled healthcare, so poor members of society should not be excluded from this basic human right. Although private providers are significant, they should support and not replace public provision.


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An example of using formal linking words

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An example of using formal linking words