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Answering Part Three #1 – model answer


What are the effects of technology on the average household?

Model answer:

Well I think that for the most part, technology has made our lives easier. Especially for women, I guess, who are the traditional home-makers in most cultures. If we didn’t have equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, people would need to spend much more time on household tasks. In many households now, both parents go out to work and this is only possible if time needed for housekeeping is fairly limited. I believe that technology has brought enormous benefits to certain members of society, for example, old or disabled people. Devices such as personal call alarms mean that some people have been able to stay in their homes for longer and live independently. You know, if someone falls over and can’t get to the phone, they can use them to contact for help. Yes, in my opinion, technology has brought numerous benefits to the majority of people.