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Commonly mispelled words in English

Commonly misspelled words in EnglishEnglish spelling can be very difficult, even for native speakers. Many English words cannot be spelt phonetically (phonetically means the way they sound). For example, phonetically the word enough should be spelt ‘enuff‘!

Listed below are some of the most commonly misspelled words in English. If there are some words here that you have problems with, have a look at our tips for learning and remembering new vocabulary to help you. And remember, the only way to really improve is practice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are differences in spelling between US and UK English. This page (and this site) refers to British (UK English) spelling.

Commonly misspelled words in English

accelerate equipment noticeable
acceptable especially occasion
accidentally exceed occasionally
accommodate excellent official
accomplish exhilarate parallel
accumulate experience parliament
acquire explanation particular
acquit foreign perseverance
amateur grateful personnel
apparent guarantee possession
argument harass precede
atheist height preferable
beginning horrific privilege
believe hypocrisy proceed
business ignorance pronunciation
calendar imitate publicly
camouflage immediate receipt
candidate inadvertent receive
category incidentally recommend
changeable incredible reference
collectible independent referred
column indispensable relevant
commemorate ingenious remembrance
committed inoculate renowned
congratulations irresistible restaurant
conscience knowledge rhyme
conscientious labelled rhythm
conscious leisure ridiculous
consensus library schedule
deceive loose scissors
defendant maintenance separate
defiant millennium separately
definite miniature success
desperate mischievous tomorrow
disappear misspell twelfth
disappoint necessary vicious
embarrassment neighbour weird


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Commonly mispelled words in English

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Commonly mispelled words in English