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Comparison/Opinion paragraphs

In the video on the next page you will be looking more at comparison/opinion paragraphs. Here’s an example:

An increasing number of mothers are choosing to return to work. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages then give an opinion.

An increasing number of women are continuing their career after beginning a family. There are both benefits and drawbacks to this as will be explained, though overall the positive aspects outweigh the problems.

There are a number of advantages to mothers returning to work. Firstly the family would have a higher disposable income to spend on the children; for example it would become easier to buy them educational toys. Secondly, since parenting can be stressful, the mother and child may both benefit from some time apart so they may be able to enjoy more quality time when they are together.

However, there are also disadvantages related to this issue; working and raising a family can be extremely stressful and the mother may find herself losing patience with her child; she may also have inadequate time to do the things she wants to do for her son or daughter, for example cook nutritious meals and have time available for play. A final point is that she would need assistance with childcare.


One personal opinion is that it is beneficial for women to work and any associated problems can be limited. For example, with the issue of needing childcare, it is often possible for family members to assist; in addition, a child may benefit from attending nursery as they would be able to interact with other children. If working and raising a family become too stressful, the mother could always consider working part-time.

In conclusion, having considered both advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that there are more positive points to mothers working and that the problems involved could be relatively easily overcome.

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Comparison/Opinion paragraphs

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Comparison/Opinion paragraphs