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General Training Task 1 Band 7 sample answer 1

The answer below has been rated based on the public IELTS descriptors. Click the word or words in red to see the correction, and scroll to the bottom of the page to read our comments on the letter.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

New neighbours have recently moved in, but they are making a lot of noise at night while you are preparing for your exams. Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter:

  • explain that they are preventing you from studying well
  • suggest what they can do to improve the situation
  • tell them when you will have completed your studies

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


Dear Mr Charlie [‘Charlie’ is commonly a nickname used for Charles, a first name. It would be safer to use a name that is clearly a surname – Smith, for example.],

I am writing this letter to you to inform you of the disturbance which is caused by you [‘you are causing’ (it is not common to use a passive construction for this sentence)] during the night time [delete this word].

It is over a month now and you have been playing your grand piano for many consecutive nights. I have my exams coming next week, due [‘but due’ (you need a linking word)] to the disturbance, I have not been able to concentrate on my calculus which is on Monday.

It is not only me who is disturbed by your music, but all of us in the nearby area who are disturbed [try to avoid repetition of the same vocabulary] and so I am writing to you on their behalf too.

I am not telling you to stop playing your piano, I am just requesting you to change your schedule. Switch the timings of your piano [again, avoid repetition – this word can simply by deleted] playing, preferably with some other activity in the day [this isn’t clear – the writer has previously stated that the problem is at night, so why change to another activity during the day?]. I hope you can understand and follow what I have said. Thank You [punctuation – a full stop is needed here]

Yours faithfully,

Graeme Treherne

(151 words)


There are a few issues with punctuation that make some of the sentences unclear. There are also minor errors in vocabulary and sentence structure.

Although the register (tone) of the letter is generally accurate, it is common to be polite in letters that are complaining but also requesting, yet this letter is quite confrontational, and would be more appropriate if it was written in a slightly more friendly tone.

The paragraphing of the letter is suitable, and all the key points have been covered.


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General Training Task 1 Band 7 sample answer 1

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General Training Task 1 Band 7 sample answer 1