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How to book your IELTS test


Visit the official website

bookingThe first step in booking your IELTS test is to find out the location of your nearest testing centre by clicking here (this will open a new window to the official IELTS website).

Complete the application form

You will then need to complete an application form (click here to download the pdf application form).

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Get 2 passport photographs

You need to sign the back of the photographs and make sure that you are not wearing glasses.

Photocopy your ID

This is generally your passport, although in some test centres alternative forms of ID are accepted. Contact your nearest test centre directly. Your ID needs to be valid at the time you are applying for the test.

Take your application form, photos, ID photocopies and the test fee to a test centre

Some test centres actually allow you to post this, but this varies so again, contact the test centre you are applying for.


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