About Task 2 writing

About Task 2 writing In this lesson, you will look at what you need to do in Task 2 of the writing test, what the examiner is looking for in your answer and some of the important aspects of writing a good essay.

About Task 1 writing

About Task 1 writing As you may know, the writing test in IELTS is divided into 2 parts – Task 1 and Task 2. This lesson will focus on Task 1, focusing on the basic information you need to know. Even if you have already taken an IELTS test and feel you know what is … Read more

PTE speaking reading aloud

In this section of the speaking test, you need to read a text aloud. The text can be quite long, so this skill takes practice!

PTE listening dictation exercise

In the PTE listening test, one of the skills you are tested on is your ability to listen and write down what you hear. These are called dictation questions. For this question type, you need to listen to a short recording and type what you hear. The sentences are between 10 and 15 words long, … Read more

PTE reading multiple choice multiple answers

For this question type, you are given a text up to 300 words long, and will need to select which of the statements are true based on what you have read. There are always at least 2 correct answers from 5 possible options. You need to select all the answers that are correct.

PTE reading fill in the blanks (dropdown) questions

To complete this question type, you need to choose the correct answer from the 4 possible options in a dropdown menu. You will need to use a range of skills to find the correct answer – logic, inference, grammar and more.

Facts about the PTE test

Here are some facts about the PTE test, with information on all aspects of the test. Make sure you know what to expect on test day!

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