V: IELTS topic vocabulary: The environment

IELTS might cover a variety of subjects. These subjects can be grouped into 10 different categories. We will look at this more in Unit 3. In this unit, we will look at one of those categories – the environment.

IELTS Writing practice test 1

This is Writing practice test 1. Click the link below to see the test. We recommend you write an answer to the Task 1 and the Task 2 questions on a sheet of paper. Make sure you spend only 60 minutes on both tasks. When you have completed your responses for both...

Speaking test 1

Speaking test 1 On the next page , you will see the practice speaking test. When you click ‘Play’ on the video, you will be given instructions on what to talk about and how long you should be talking, NOTE: This practice test is NOT assessed by your tutor...

CS: The present simple

This is the first Core Skills lesson in the course. This lesson will help you with the most common tense used in English – the present simple.

S: About the speaking test

This lesson will tell you about the IELTS speaking test – what to expect, the parts of the test and how the examiner is assessing you. Even if you have taken the speaking test before or think you know everything you need to know, we strongly recommend you review...