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Mass migration from rural to urban areas has caused a severe shortage of adequate housing in the cities of some developing countries. What solutions are there to this problem?

The large numbers of people moving from the countryside to metropolitan areas in developing countries has caused an accommodation shortage; however, there are some potential ways of solving this problem as will now be discussed.

Perhaps the most straightforward way of dealing with this problem would be to find ways in which the migrants from rural areas could be encouraged to stay in their hometown. If the opportunities there were better, then there would be no motivation to move to the city. To illustrate, most migrants move in order to find better job opportunities.

Existing local industries could be financially supported so that they could develop to provide more employment for local people. For example the Government could offer subsidies to farmers; they would not only be able to provide additional employment but also be able to increase their productivity and better meet the needs of the country. In addition new industries could be encouraged into the area, thereby creating local jobs; this could be achieved through tax incentives and attractive property and land prices.

Alternatively, additional housing could be provided by the Government in urban areas; it is after all their responsibility to oversee the welfare of their citizens; however this would be extremely costly and a drain on Government funds since houses would not only need to be built but also maintained.

To conclude, it seems that the most logical solution would be to develop opportunities available in rural areas so that the impetus to move to the cities would be reduced.

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Limitation paragraphs

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Limitation paragraphs