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Question type 2 of 6: Matching questions in IELTS listening

Question type 2 of 6: Matching questions in IELTS listeningQuestion type 2 of 6: Matching questions in IELTS reading. On this page, we will look at the second of the 6 types of question used in the IELTS listening test – Matching questions in IELTS listening.

What do I have to do for Matching questions in IELTS listening?

With Matching questions, you need to match one answer from a short list to a statement.

Here ‘s an example:

Which place matches each description?

  1. The Voodoo Lounge
  2. Charlie’s Bar
  3. The Cavern
  4. The Powerstation

Choose your answers from the box and write the correct letter A-E next to questions 1-4

  1. Plays live music every night
  2. Has only recently re-opened
  3. Has an under-18s night
  4. Is the oldest music venue on the city

What is this question type testing my ability to do?

This question type is testing your ability in 3 different areas: can you understand a rephrased sentence, identify key points in the recording and understand relationships between ideas.

What are the best steps for answering Matching questions in IELTS listening?

There are 5 steps that we recommend following for this question type:

Step 1 – Read: Read the statements AND the options given

Step 2 – Identify: Identify keywords and qualifying words

Step 3 – Prepare: Look at the next question. This is an essential step in the IELTS listening test. If you are aware of what the next question is about and then you hear it, you know you’ve missed the answer you were waiting for! Although that’s not good news, it’s better than waiting for an answer that’s already gone and missing subsequent answers.

Step 4 – Listen: Identify your answer

Step 5 – Write / Type: Write or type your answer but keep listening


What useful tips are there for this question type?

  • TIP 1: You might need to use reference words to confirm answers from information given in more than one sentence
  • TIP 2: Make sure that you are clear on what you are matching – are they people? Places? Types of food?
  • TIP 3: Make sure you follow the instructions (e.g. do not write words when you are asked to write a letter)

Now practice!

Click the link in the table below to test your skills with matching questions in IELTS listening.


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Question type 2 of 6: Matching questions in IELTS listening

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Question type 2 of 6: Matching questions in IELTS listening