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It is always possible for people to find employment if they are highly motivated and flexible. Do you agree or disagree?

Certain individuals in certain situations may find it extremely difficult or impossible to find work regardless of possessing flexibility and a positive attitude as the following essay explains.

First of all, in some areas or countries there is high unemployment; in this kind of environment many worthy employees may not be successful when searching for a job, simply because opportunities are so limited. For example, in South Africa unemployment is very high.

In addition, some may find it difficult to get a job due to lack of experience in their field. University graduates often face this barrier, as despite being highly qualified, employers may be reluctant to employ them. Migrants may also face a similar situation. To illustrate, in New Zealand employers prefer to offer work to applicants who are familiar with working in a New Zealand company environment.

However, many people who have faced the kinds of difficulties outlined above have been successful in finding work. Some from high unemployment areas choose to migrate to another area or country, and university graduates who are having difficulties securing a paid position may decide to follow an internship to obtain the experience they require. In the same way new migrants may take work in a lower position than they are qualified in, in order to gain work experience in their new country. However, not all individuals are in a position where they could uproot their family or afford to work for free or for low wages.

In brief, whilst being enthusiastic and open minded are positive attributes, other factors may still negatively affect a person’s success in securing work.

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Model answer essay 1

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Model answer essay 1