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Model answer to the map

Here’s a model answer to the map:

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The diagram shows an area called Sunnyvale and its main features. There are 9 labelled landmarks on the map.

Running from the northwest to the southeast is the main road. To the left of the main road, extending directly north to south is the railway track; the station itself is situated between the railway track and the main road. In close proximity to the station is the bus station.

The southern section of the main road has a bridge in order to cross a river which is connected to a lake. The lake itself is in the centre of the map; it is equidistant from both the railway and bus stations and is adjacent to a housing estate.

The lake divides the map from north to south, with the mountains and a forest to the right. The length of river that runs between the mountains and the housing estate is the only straight section. Separating the mountains and the forest is a hotel.

This completes the description of the map.

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Notice how the principles for writing a closing statement are the same as for writing a process. It should simply indicate to the examiner that you have completed your description.


Model answer to the map

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Model answer to the map