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Paraphrasing in IELTS writing


Being able to paraphrase (express the same meaning using different words) is a very useful skill for the IELTS writing test, but it can also help you identify answers in the reading and listening. Here are some sentences that have been rephrased. Before you click the ‘Show paraphrase’ button, see if you can think of other ways the same information could be expressed.

NOTE: This page will be added to regularly, but if you want to post a sentence below, we will add it to the list with a rephrased version!

1. Relatively few people actually know what the festival of  Mai-son represents.
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It is not commonly known what the Mai-son festival signifies.

2. There is little doubt that some customs should be upheld.
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Certain traditions must be maintained.

3. Only a minority of people know how to prepare food properly for a hangi.
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The majority of people do not know the correct method of preparation for a hangi.

4. Traditions are lost as popular culture dominates almost all of our free time.
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A large part of our leisure time is controlled by popular culture, resulting in the loss of many more traditional forms.

5. All but a few New Zealanders have heard of the haka or seen it performed.
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Only a minority of New Zealanders have neither heard nor seen a haka performance.

6. The number of Maori speakers is not insignificant.
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There are a significant number of people that speak Maori.

7. It is unlikely that cultural misconceptions will ever be completely overcome.
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It is probable that there will always be cultural misunderstandings.

8. It is far from inconceivable to imagine a world where most people speak English
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It is not difficult to picture a world where English is spoken by all but a few.


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