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Here is a list of some of the more widely used prefixes in the IELTS reading test. Make a note of any that you do not know.

Once you have studied the prefix list, move on to the next part of the lesson.


AFTER Following behind Afternoon, afterthought
ANTE (SEE ALSO PRE) Before Antecedent, antenatal
ANTI Against Anticrime, antipollution, antivirus
AUTO Self, same Autobiography, automatic, autopilot
BENE Good, well Benefactor, beneficial
BI Two Biannual, bicycle
BIO Life, living organism Biology, biophysics, biotechnology
EX Former Ex wife
GEO Of the earth, geography Geography, geomagnetism, geophysics, geopolitics
HOMO Same or similar homogenous
HYPER Excessive, excessively Hyperactive, hypercritical, hypersensitive
HYPO Under Hypodermic (under the skin), hypothermia
INTER Between, among Intervene, international
INTRA Inside, within Intravenous, intranet
MAL Bad, badly Malpractice, malformed, maladjusted
MICRO Small Microcosm, microscope
MIS Wrong Misspell, misconception
MONO One, single, alone Monochrome, monosyllable, monoxide, monorail
MULTI More than one Multitude, multiverse
NON Not Non-reactive, non-smoker
OMNI All, everywhere Omnipresent
PAN All around, worldwide Panorama, pandemic
POLY Many Polygamy, polygon
POST After Post-war
PRE (SEE ALSO ANTE) Before Precede, precursor
RE Back, again Retreat, redo, reverse
RETRO Backward Retroactive, retrospective
SUB Under, beneath Subway, submarine, substandard
SUPER Above, over Superior, supersensitive
SYN Like, same Synonymous, synonyms, synchronise
THERM Heat Thermometer, isotherm
TRANS Move from one to another Transport, transatlantic, translate
TRI Three Triangle, tricycle, triplets



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