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Review of steps so far

Here are the steps so far:

Read the title
Decide what type of Task 2 title it is
Give an opinion/challenge a point of view

Compare both points of view

Give solutions to a problem

Discuss a given situation

Turn into direct question (make sure you have understood the main focus of the question)

Decide if the question is open or closed
Open=many possible responses

Closed=requires specific answer

Brainstorm for ideas
Brainstorm open in 1 column

Brainstorm closed in 2 columns

Reject weaker points Make sure all your ideas are relevant
Expand your points Support, develop and add examples
Decide on your point of view Decide direction of your essay based on strongest arguments (does not have to be your personal opinion)
Plan your paragraphs
Organise ideas (paragraph structure depends on Task II essay type)

Over the next pages, you will practice each step on a new IELTS Task 2 topic.


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