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Talking about hobbies and interests

Talking about hobbies and interests in English is a very common topic. What do you do in your free time? Leisure activities are the things you can do when you have free time, like reading a book or listening to music.

In this lesson we will look at:

  • verb + gerund (e.g. go swimming)
  • verb + noun (e.g. go to the cinema)

Look at the lists below of a few common leisure activities and then do the exercises.

Verb + gerund

Verb + noun

 go swimming

go to the cinema

go bunjy jumping

play computer games

go kayaking

do yoga

go shopping

play table tennis

do gardening

surf the internet

do  knitting

play cards

do drawing

go for a walk

do juggling

watch television

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
1. I have been to Queenstown many times but I have never    bunjy jumping.
Show answer  been

2. Almost everybody   the internet in their free time.
Show answer  surfs

3. Bill needed some fresh air so he   for a walk.
Show answer  went

4. My grandmother often   some knitting in her free time.
Show answer  does

5. Let’s rent a DVD tonight I’m tired oftelevision.
Show answer watching

6. Jenny has beenyoga for 2 years now, she is very fit.
Show answer doing

7. John was in the middle ofhis juggling act when he fell over.
Show answer doing

8. We haven’tthe gardening for a month, it’s very overgrown.
Show answer done

9. It’s a beautiful day today, let’skayaking.
Show answer go

10. Kevincomputer games all day long at the weekend.
Show answer plays


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Talking about hobbies and interests

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Talking about hobbies and interests