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Speaking test 7

Answer the questions. Try to speak for the time shown in brackets for each section.

Part 1 (4 to 5 minutes)

“What is your favourite kind of weather?”

“What weather is typical in your country?”

“Do you usually listen to the weather forecast on television or on the radio? ”

“How well do you know the people who live next door to you?”

“Do you think neighbours can help each other?”

“What kinds of problems do people sometimes have with their neighbours?”

“Do you prefer watching films at the cinema or at home?”

“What kind of films do you like?”

“Are there any kinds of films you don’t like?”

Part 2 (1 minute preparation then talk for 2 minutes)

Describe a favourite book you read when you were a child

You should say:

  • What type of book it was
  • What it was about
  • When you read it

You should also say why it was your favourite

Part 3 (4 to 5 minutes)

“What is the best age for children to learn to read?”

“What are the benefits of learning to read for young children?”

“In what ways can learning to read be made more enjoyable for children?”

“What influence do you think the internet has had on reading?”

“What changes do you think will happen in the future in the way people read?”

“Do you think the government should provide free library services?”


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Speaking test 7

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Speaking test 7