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Speculating and describing change 1

Consider how the candidate has used different tenses and structures in the sample answer below.

Has the way in which people travel changed much in the last 10 years in your country?

Hmm, you know I don’t think it has really changed that significantly. I am from quite a large city and I think for over 10 years we have had very good public transport systems. Our rail and underground network in particular are very good and always have been I think. Most people who work in the city centre tend to use public transport and probably that number has increased a bit over the last few years as car parking costs have become more expensive. I think that our council tries to encourage people to use their cars less and I think that parking fees have probably been introduced deliberately in order to discourage people from being over reliant on their own vehicles. I suppose a newer trend that has become more common over the last couple for years is for people who do use their cars to travel to work with colleagues – what’s that called… erm… car-pooling I think. Yes. In the past, if people drove to work, they tended to just travel in their own vehicles. I think car pooling has become more common as it not only cuts down the cost of petrol and parking fees because they can be shared, but because people are now more environmentally aware I think. They know it is a good way of reducing exhaust emissions and the number of cars on the road.