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Speculating and describing change 2

Consider how the candidate has used different tenses and structures in the sample answer below.

Do you think that the way we travel on a day to day basis will change much in the next 20 years?

Hmm, I’m not sure, I guess that public transport will probably become even more popular as it seems that a lot of governments are trying to reduce the amount of traffic on the road. Petrol is becoming even more expensive and I imagine that in the future it will become even more so, so cost factors alone are likely to affect the way in which we travel. It is probable that there will be more alternatives for private transport though – you know more environmentally friendly options such as solar powered cars and such like. It might be difficult to encourage the general public to adapt to non-traditional cars but I suppose if the benefits were strong enough, I think that more people would buy them. In the more distant future I think there will be other types of transport that we can’t really imagine now, but probably not in the next twenty years!