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Spot the 8 errors (answers)

The errors are in red with a description of the error below.

There are a number of negative 1. point that need 2. consider. Firstly, there are the different rates of maturity, as it is well known that females mature at a younger age than males, meaning that although they may be of a similar 3. phisical age, females mature 4. fastest. For instance, while boys may still be interested in computer games and other pastimes, girls often progress into adolescence.

5. In contrast, there are also more distractions at a co-educational 6. ___, especially for teenagers who are becoming more aware of and interested in the opposite sex. Instead of focusing fully on their 7. educational, all teenage students in co-educational schools begin to focus overly on 8. apperance and image. Examples can be seen in many high schools, in which clothes and designer accessories take precedence over academic ability.

  1. Grammar – The noun does not fit the sentence. It should be plural – points
  2. Grammar – The writer has used the active voice ‘consider’ when the passive voice should have been used ‘to be considered’
  3. Spelling – Physical
  4. Grammar – As you are only comparing two points (boys and girls) you would use faster (comparative) not fastest (superlative)
  5. Vocabulary  – Inappropriate use of ‘in contrast’ as the second paragraph actually continues the argument presented in the first paragraph (that there are negative points to co-education). It would be more appropriate to use a linking word like ‘Furthermore’ or ‘In addition’.
  6. Missing word – Because the sentence has an article (‘a’), we need a noun. The sentence should have been written as ‘there are also more distractions at a co-educational school’
  7. Vocabulary – This is a suitable word family, but the adjective has been used when it should have been a noun (focussing fully on their education
  8. Spelling – Appearance


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Spot the 8 errors (answers)

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Spot the 8 errors (answers)