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Timing practice

It is important to practise as much as possible before your test, particularly trying to complete your essay within 40 minutes. Use the timings suggested in the previous presentation to write a complete essay. Here are some sample titles.

Model responses for these essays are provided on the following pages. You should try writing them yourself before comparing to the model. Remember that there are many possible ways of answering these titles.


It is always possible for people to find employment if they are highly motivated and flexible.
Do you agree or disagree?

Films and television have both positive and negative impacts on society. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages then give your opinion.

In some countries, fewer people are willing to take responsibility for older people in their family.
Suggest possible reasons why.

In many countries, it is easy to get a credit card or to borrow money. An increasing number of people are falling deeper into debt. What solutions are there to this?

Anti-social behaviour is increasing. Some people believe that parents should be made more accountable for the actions of their children. Do you agree?





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Timing practice

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Timing practice