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Unit 1 vocabulary list

Tips for using the vocabulary for IELTS lists:

  • Look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English.
  • Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence.
  • Make a handwritten note of any new words, ideally in a separate note pad that you carry with you. Whenever you have a few minutes – waiting for a bus, just before going to sleep, waiting for the kettle to boil – take out the list and look through, reminding yourself of the word and the meaning.
  • Improving your vocabulary for IELTS takes practice, so try to use the new word(s) in any suitable situation over the next few weeks – using the new word will help you remember it!
  • Write the new word a number of times – writing down vocabulary will help you remember it and will also help with spelling.


act actor after
again against ago
all always another
any around ask
bar bath because
before belt between
busy can carry
cheap check choice
choose circle clean
clear clever clock
close colour copy
could couple cousin
cross crowd customer
daily dark deep
desk dictionary die
difficult dig dinner
doctor dollar drag
draw dress dry
each earn east
empty enjoy enter
entrance envelope equal
example excellent excite
excuse exercise expect
expensive experience experiment
explain factory fail
fair familiar fan
fancy fatten fear
fight film final
finger firm fix
flat flavour flood
floor flow follow
foot forget forward
found freeze friend
friendly fright frighten
fruit fry funny
fur further gap
gift glad glass
goal golden ground
group growth guest
guide gun habit
hang happen harden
harm heal hear
heart heavy height
high hill hire
hit hole homework
hope hurry hurt
if ill inside
introduce introduction jaw
join joke joy
just kill kind
knee knock know
large last lately
laugh lay layer
lead leaf least
leave lengthen lessen
liar library lid
lie light likely
line list live
local lock loose
lord lovely meal
miss nephew other
pain photograph relax
rob rub rug
short should sight
tape taste tax
team tell tense

Now take the end of lesson review


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Unit 1 vocabulary list

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Unit 1 vocabulary list