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Unit 2 vocabulary list

This is the vocabulary list for Unit 2, but don’t forget the useful tips for vocabulary presented in Unit 1.

  • Look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English.
  • Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence.
  • Make a handwritten note of any new words, ideally in a separate note pad that you carry with you. Whenever you have a few minutes – waiting for a bus, just before going to sleep, waiting for the kettle to boil – take out the list and look through, reminding yourself of the word and the meaning.
  • Improving your vocabulary for IELTS takes practice, so try to use the new word(s) in any suitable situation over the next few weeks – using the new word will help you remember it!
  • Write the new word a number of times – writing down vocabulary will help you remember it and will also help with spelling.


across add agree
air alone along
avoid awake backward
basic battle become
bill both box
bridge bring build
burn business camp
catch conversation corner
cotton country crown
cycle danger deaf
department different dip
disagree disappear drum
either except flatten
forgive furniture island
journal loss loud
machine main mark
marry master match
matter may maybe
mean mechanic melt
mend metre middle
might mild mile
mistake mixture month
moon motor mountain
mouse must narrow
neat nest net
never new news
next niece nobody
none noon normal
nothing notice noun
now nurse ocean
odd once only
onto onwards ordinary
otherwise ought owe
own package pair
pale panel parcel
part pass passage
passenger paste pastry
percent physical pick
picture piece pint
place plain plan
plenty pocket point
police popular pour
pretty print private
product production pump
punish pupil purchase
pure purpose puzzle
quarter question quite
race rail raise
ready real repair
repeat replace reply
report rest return
reward roast robbery
rock role roll
room rough round
royal rubber rubbish
rude ruin sadden
scientific search season
second secretary seed
seek seem select
self selfish sentence
set settle sew
shake shall share
sharpen sheep sheet
shoot shorten show
sick side sign
signal stage steady
target task

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Unit 2 vocabulary list

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Unit 2 vocabulary list