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Video: Apologising tips



Apologising tips. If you have to write a letter of apology in Task 1, as with any writing for IELTS, you have to address all of the points given in the question. Sometimes it can be difficult to write enough words in a Task I letter. Here are some general points you could consider including in an apology letter. They are useful for both formal and informal situations, but remember that the language you use – the register – will be different depending on your relationship with the person that you are writing to. The first additional point that you could consider is that you could state what the problem or situation is and why you are apologising. You could also try to give a reason for what has happened or gone wrong. You could make a sincere apology. You could also acknowledge how the other person may feel about the situation. You could give an assurance the situation will not happen again and you could also talk about how you intend to make the situation better. In the next exercise, you will see three different letters of apology written for this situation.